What is an XpresSpa Membership Card?

The XpresSpa Membership Card is part of the FREE XpresSpa Membership Program that we offer all customers. The card contains your membership account number, a sixteen digit number that starts with 1000.., and records the points you earn from purchases.

What is the XpresSpa Membership Program?

Through the Membership Program, customers earn one (1) point for every dollar they spend on products or services. The points accumulate and generate spa credits that can be used towards future purchases. Currently, for every 100 points accumulated, a $5 credit is placed on the card. Points are awarded prior to tax & tips and are always rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Where can I use an XpresSpa Membership Card?

XpresSpa Membership Cards can be used at any XpresSpa location. The XpresSpa Membership Card CANNOT be used for online transactions.

If I forget my XpresSpa Membership Card and want to make a purchase, can I use my Membership Account Number, personal ID, or contact information to receive points and redeem credits?

Yes, you may reference your sixteen digit membership number to receive points for your purchase or redeem credits. If you do not know your number, you may ask the receptionist to contact the Membership Department. Also, members can submit receipts for reimbursements by calling (212) 750-9595 or by emailing membership@xpresspa.com and referencing your receipt number.

Is there any charge for using my XpresSpa Membership Card like cash?

No, there is no-fee associated with using spa credits from your XpresSpa Membership Card. This free service is offered to XpresSpa customers as a thank you for your loyal business.

Do spa credits on XpresSpa Membership Cards expire? Are there fees or penalties if I don't use my card frequently?

Spa credits on XpresSpa Member Cards do not expire nor do they decrease over time due to non-use. There are not any fees for inactivity, but your account may be deactivated if not used for more than 24 months. XpresSpa retains the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

How can I earn Membership Points?

Membership Points are calculated and added to your account at the time of purchase. You must present your Membership Card or reference your Membership account number at the time of purchase in order to earn points. If submitting retroactively, you must provide your receipt number to receive points.

Can you load an XpresSpa Membership Card with cash in order to increase the spa credits and points, like a gift card?

No, points and credits are earned only from purchasing products or services at an XpresSpa location. XpresSpa does offer traditional Gift Cards for purchase http://www.xpresspa.com/XpresSpa-Gift-Card-p/10923451683.htm that are separate from the Membership Program.

What can I get with my Membership Points?

Points cannot be redeemed for specific items but rather accumulate and generate spa credits that can be used towards purchases.

How do I check my balance and activity on my XpresSpa Membership Card?

You may check your Membership Card balance by entering your account number in the XpresSpa Balance Checker (www.xpresspamembers.com). You may also visit any XpresSpa location and ask the receptionist to run a balance inquiry to which they will provide you with a receipt.

Do I need to receive another XpresSpa Membership Card if I use up the amount on the Card?

No, the XpresSpa Membership Card is reusable and reloadable.

Why should I update or register my XpresSpa Membership Card?

By updating your account you can help protect the balance remaining on your membership card if it is ever lost or stolen. Also, it ensures you will receive all offers and promotions that are made exclusively to members.

My XpresSpa Membership Card was stolen, lost or damaged, what do I do?

Membership Cards should be treated as cash. XpresSpa will not replace the points you may have earned or the value on a card if the account information is incomplete or inaccurate. To transfer the remaining unused balance on a missing card to a new card, call us at (212) 750-9595 or email us at membership@xpresspa.com. A replacement card will be mailed to you once the request is received.

Can I get cash back or a refund if I have an XpresSpa Membership credit?

XpresSpa will not give any cash for spa credits that remain on membership cards. The credits must be used towards purchases of products or services at any XpresSpa location.